Decorative sheer curtains & double tracks

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Sheer curtains (or voile’s) have been around for a long time as a popular alternative to traditional nets (you know the lacy kind your grandma still has)..

Often seen set in the window frame on a wire string  acting as a privacy screen from your nosey neighbors, these days they are finding a life of their own. When teamed with a “double track” they can now act as your decorative curtain instead of the traditional off white plain voile only there for functionality purposes.

So what is a double track and how does it work?

A double track is a system in which two tracks are incorporated on the same set of brackets- usually there is a  track or rod in the front and a smaller track behind.  This way a sheer curtain can be pulled right off the window and removes the issue of having it sitting inside the window and always blocking at least part of the light coming through the glass.

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The most well-known option when using the double track system would be to hang your drapes on the front track with your sheer curtain sitting on the track behind.  You can choose a sheer fabric and curtain fabric which co-ordinate together as well as make a feature on their own.

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The other option, which is increasingly popular, is to use your sheer on the front track with a plain lining on the back track.  When using this option, the sheer is always the feature and probably almost always closed- during the day you can have your sheer pulled for privacy and sun protection, then at night pull your lining across behind it for warmth and room darkening.  This way you can then take advantage of the vast array of decorative sheers that are on the market, without having to choose a separate curtain fabric to co-ordinate with it.

Sheer fabrics can look stunning when made up with a modern pleat, and they give the room a softer natural look that is often sort after by home owners.  This is a really on trend way to furnish your windows because it is just so versatile.

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Another way to use these beautiful patterned sheer fabrics is is to directly line your sheers or voile’s with a lining fabric.   If you do not require privacy or sun screening but want a window treatment that achieves the  softer look given by sheers then this is a great option. We see this idea often being used with natural linen sheers as well as more formal organza fabrics,  and the use of a coloured lining which will compliment the fabric and make a real impact.