We have a very extensive range of classic and contemporary furnishing fabrics from a variety of recognised fabric brands and suppliers. Whether you are looking for something plain, patterned or striped we are bound to have something for you. Book an in-store consultation or visit our showroom to just browse or select and borrow fabric samples to try at home.

Silks, Taffetas & Synthetic fabrics

Taffetas and silks are often used for drapery in more formal areas of the home such as a lounge or living room.  These fabrics have different degrees of shininess to them, and can make a real statement and look spectacular in different settings.  We have a variety of plains, printed and embroidered silks or synthetic fabrics, with many classical as well as contemporary designs.


Linen fabrics have become increasingly popular over the past decade, having a more contemporary and very natural feel to them. Linens can be very lightweight or heavy depending on the tightness of the weave of the fabric, creating different textures and looks- often lightweight linens are used as a sheer curtain or blind, whereas much heavier and more durable linens can be used for upholstery. Most commonly linens have been used in plain neutral colours but today there is a vast array of colours, prints and embroidered linens available.

Cotton and Synthetic Prints

Cotton prints can be both formal or casual, classical or contemporary- we have a huge collection of designs and colours to select from for your drapes.  Cotton is a soft natural fabric of medium weight that is easy to care for and drapes beautifully. Synthetic polyester fabrics have become increasingly available, Prints generally feature a bold pattern or stripe and the different colours.

Upholstery fabrics

As with drapery, upholstery fabrics can be made up of a variety of different materials, both natural and synthetic.  These fabrics are generally heavier in weight and thickness in order to make them more robust and durable, as furniture is subjected to a lot more wear and tear in comparison to curtains. Most of our upholstery fabrics have information such as martindale or wyzenbeck rub tests to measure their performance, and advise their recommended usage.  Due to its more robust nature, synthetic fabrics, or a combination of synthetic and natural materials are increasingly popular for upholstery.  We have a large array of plain and patterned upholstery fabric samples, with new collections coming in every week.

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