History of Designers Guild

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With another exciting collection of Designers Guild just launch let’s take a look through the history of the brand and its founder Trisha Guild. 

Designers Guild was established in 1970 with the idea of creating innovative design with a combination of creativity and absolute quality, not only for design but for their service. They have certainly achieved this with 38 collections and 16 awards and achievements under their belt. To date the brand has designed and manufactured almost 9000 fabrics and 2000 wallpapers since they began on a variety of cloth, in an extensive range of colours patterns and styles.

Tricia Guilds ability to create such elaborate designs comes from her ideas to just do what you aspire to. 

designers guild 1

“I think it’s important when you’re creating a style for your home, to listen to your aspirations rather than your fears. I often hear people say: ‘Oh, I would never dare use such-and-such a colour I think I’ll stick with beige.’ To my mind, if you really love something, it can’t be wrong. And if you really do love beige, so be it” Trisha Guild