Block out Roller Blinds

The specifically engineered materials in block-out blinds prevent light from entering any room where strong sunlight is present.  Block-out roller blinds provide heat insulation, create total privacy and are mould and fade resistant.

They are ideal for bedroom’s, or home cinemas where total light control is needed.  They are a fantastic choice for a baby or young child’s bedroom as they effectively block out the light – extremely helpful if you have children that nap during the day or have difficulty falling asleep when the sun is still up!


Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Sunscreen roller blinds significantly reduce the sun’s glare whilst still allowing light to filter through.  The fabric has an open weave design that allows a view out whilst still providing privacy during the day. 

New Zealand has high levels of ultraviolet light which can cause severe damage to your room furniture, flooring and curtains. Sunscreen roller blinds provide 95% protection against these rays which will prevent fading and the breakdown of fabric’s in your home.  They are ideal for use in north facing rooms, offices and home studies as they help cut reflections on computer screens.



In a range of different colours and with chain control options roller blinds could be just what you are looking for. Visit our showroom today to discuss your window treatments with one of our qualified and attentive Interior Consultants.