Simple steps to protect your fabric from fading.

We get a lot of people come in and ask the same thing here at Classic Curtains, I love this fabric! but will it fade? Well the answer unfortunately is probably yes, IF it is not cared for properly. In this great land of the long white cloud we suffer from immense exposure to UV light, not only can it damage our skin in minutes it can also fade our fabrics to bleached out versions of their former selves in no time. But do not fret! there are plenty of ways for you to protect your lovely new curtains or upholstery and have them last the test of time.

Curtains and upholstery can be a real investment and if you are adding new curtains to your home they can add real value so you want to make sure you care for them and protect them as much as you can. So what can you do?

  • Line your curtains-¬†Adding lining to the back of your curtains and fabric blinds is the first step in preventing fading. It acts as a barrier between the sun and the back of your fabric among its many other advantages, such as Blocking light for room darkening and creating a thermal barrier.
  • Ensure your track is wider than the window,¬†that way when you open your curtains to let that lovely morning sunlight in your curtains are off the window and out of the way.
  • Swap your curtains over from one side of the track to the other every so often, so that any exposure is even
  • With roman blinds the blind is installed higher than the window so it is pulled off as much as possible. If the base of the blind is still in direct sunlight it will fade along the edge. Sometimes this is not preventable but it is a minimal amount of fading and shouldn’t be noticed greatly
  • Arrange your furnishings so they are not in direct sunlight where possible
  • Adding sheers to your windows that are pulled during the day will filter the light so it is not directly sitting on any of your furniture

Taking these simple steps will protect your beautiful curtains and upholstery from our strong UV rays and help them to last well into the future.



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